I Believe

Danny at the Gilroy Public Library
Photo: Briana Monaco Photography

As a candidate for Gilroy City Council here is what I believe.

 I believe in the power of community itself, our diversity and that this city belongs to you.

No one person has all the answers.  I believe communicating with others, getting feedback from informed, knowledgeable people on specific topics will make me a better servant for the residents of Gilroy.

I believe surrounding yourself with others working toward a similar goal or objectives is a motivator and creates support to push farther towards results.

I’m running for Gilroy City Council because I believe I bring valuable skills of collaborative leadership, business acumen and knowledge of the community to the council.   I can bring the right leaders and experts together to provide the quality of life everyone is looking for in our Gilroy community.

That’s what I believe.

I’m Here and I’m Listening and ready to take action!

I would appreciate your vote.